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What Is African Mango?

What is African Mango? It's the hottest weight loss supplement on the market today, but it isn't really even a mango at all. For centuries the people of western and central African countries from Nigeria to Angola have used this amazing fruit, the Irvingia Gabonensis, for food, medicine and commerce. The trees that produce this fruit are also valued for its dika nuts. Because of Irvingia Gabonensis has a similar size, color and flavor as traditional mangoes, it has been known as the wild mango, bush mango, or more commonly, African Mango.

Irvingia is high in healthy fat, similar to other nuts and seeds, and contains an extraordinary amount of fiber. This highly-soluble fiber creates a natural bulk-forming laxative which also helps suppress appetite. Irvingia has been prized for its healing properties and now has become one of the most exciting discoveries in the weight loss industry!